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Hi there, Mommies & Daddies! My name is Rozelle Gaie, and I am so excited to be sharing my online shop and my journey to motherhood and parenting with you. I hope that what I share here will inspire you and answer at least some of your questions and I am sure you will find our products to be of great quality and ideal for the modern mommy & daddy. I am based in Johannesburg South Africa, a city that I absolutely adore. I love good food, good books, good wine and quality time spent with loved ones. I am big on family! My husband and I had our first baby in early January 2018, a little girl. I hope to create a space here where moms & dads can find helpful, practical advice and tips and where we can all share the fun of raising our Babies. Rozelle
Rozelle Gaie
Owner & Mommy
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