I’m pregnant! What now?

As I am writing this I am expecting our first baby. She is due to arrive in just over a week from today, and the excitement is huge!

I’m sure you’ll all agree that the excitement you feel from that first moment you find out you are pregnant is all consuming. Sure, it comes with some doubts and fears, especially if it is your fist child – but excitement wins out every time.

Even though our baby was planned, it still came as a bit of a shock. I guess the reality only hits you when you get that positive result!

We tried to play it pretty cool until our first doctor’s appointment at 8 weeks, but found it nearly impossible. Sure enough the doctor confirmed there was a little baby growing in there, with a very healthy heartbeat to boot! I’ll never forget hearing that little hear beat for the first time.

So I am a compulsive planner – I need to have plans! I started researching everything you could imagine, from which baby products are best to school fees.  After a while I realised that this is very time consuming and not really getting me anywhere. I decided to focus on the most pressing matters first – where my baby attends high school could probably wait a bit.

After all my (awesome) research we decided to buy the 4 in 1 NulaBug travel system from NulaBaby. I loved the convenience factor and it looks great – really stylish! For my husband’s car we bought the Joie Stages car seat. Our baby can use this seat until she is 7 years old, and can be used rear facing from birth up until 18 kg/4 years, which was super important to me (more on that later!).

As we had no idea what to expect regarding pregnancy, we headed straight to Exclusive Books and bought the biggest book we could find on the topic. We decided on this one by Dr Maggie Blott and I am immensely happy with it. It gives you practical, non-alarmist information on every imaginable question you could have while being pregnant and gives you a detailed description of you baby’s development day by day. I highly recommend it.

baby book pregancy

I received these products from Yummy Baby as a gift, and I loved it! I am 37 weeks pregnant now and not a stretch mark in sight – I credit these superb products for that. They smell delicious, and the melting beads in the tummy butter is a real treat.  The products are all-natural and made with certified organic ingredients. A must try!

During the first three months of my pregnancy I struggled a lot with my skin. I suffered from severe breakouts and I was not happy about it. What made it even more frustrating is that a lot of products that are formulated to address acne and/or breakouts are not recommended for use during pregnancy. I eventually went for a consultation at Skin Renewal . I was advised to start using the Lamelle Serra range and go for PDT treatments. The combination of the products and the treatments worked wonders, and the improvement in my skin was a big relief. Later on, in the third trimester, I started noticing dark marks under my eyes – pigmentation! I’ve heard that they call it the mask of pregnancy, as pregnancy hormones make your skin more sensitive to the sun. I was advised to use the Lamelle Luminesce Brighter Day moisturiser. This product really improved the texture of my skin and prevented more dark marks from forming, and I will definitely continue using it after pregnancy. Ladies, wearing sunscreen daily while pregnant is a must! Although it might not prevent all pigmentation (ask me!) it will prevent it from being that much worse.

We also wanted to document the changes my body went through during this time, and we are so happy we did. We decided that we would rather do a newborn shoot than a maternity shoot, so my husband took these photos at home every four weeks. It is amazing to see the change, and love my baby bump so much! I highly recommend doing this – you’ll love seeing how your body changed while growing your baby.

For more products that I recommend, check out my blog post for next week – what went into the hospital bag!

Lots of love,



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